Busy busy busy!

Wow, its been a while since I’ve written. Plenty has happened since then.

Moved into my own apartment…

I graduated…(Pictures)

Lorina and Justin came to visit and we all went to see Tash graduate….

Work has been crazy for the summer…

But all’s good and it was a lot of fun. I finally found time to put together my usual picture thing for when Lorina and Justin came to visit. We went to NYC and then to Cornell, tons of fun! =) Pictures

That’s all for now, till the next time I feel like posting!


So it turns out even if you don’t have a New York license and acquire 6 points from infractions in their State, you still have to pay the ‘bad driver’ fee of…$300 or $100 for three years! Which means me, since I was caught and admitted to going 20mph+ over the speed limit. Awesome stuff, I guess saving up for when I have to move out in May isn’t starting off on a good note. Grrness. Work has been nuts this past week, ton of events which means additional time put into planning and helping. My monthly meeting with my managers went well, struggled to find things that I could improve on, but identified two, both of which, in their words, I’ve already started to address. So essentially not really an evaluation, just a “Good job, keep doing what you’re doing” meeting.

Spring Break is in one week! Can’t believe it, it’ll be great that I can go visit Natasha again (driving out on Friday, be back on Monday) Looking forward to that week as there won’t be any classes (catch up for my academic classes) and there won’t be any Law School classes (so work should be much easier).

Now I must return to writing a draft of my paper. *sighs* Papers suck.

But before I do that, here’s some pictures of our snowman building adventure:



This week was hell, I have been so exhausted every day from work, then coming home late to do whatever homework I can muster will power to do, then crash because of exhaustion and then do it all over again.  Thankfully it is Saturday, so I slept in and recuperated from the hellish week, (slept some much needed 12 hours).  Woke up, had a late and light lunch.  Picked up my mail and low and behold there is the letter from Barker Town Court telling me how much I’ll need to pay for the speeding ticket I got when we went Snowboarding.  It was a whooping $305.00.  So there goes a chunk of my paycheck.  *sighs*  At least its done and over with.  But, a couple lessons I’ve learned:

1) Never admit to anything  to the police.  It seems totally ridiculous given that in our society we generally want truth and accountability in others, for example, you’d want friends to tell you the truth, you’d want doctors and lawyers to tell you the truth, etc.  But, when getting pulled over by the police, never admit any guilt and when asked that wonderful question: “Do you know why you were pulled over?” say: “No” or  “I can’t think of anything”  Even though you know well enough that you were speeding or toerhwise breaking the law.  Now this is contrary to who I am, I prefer to tell the truth rather than lie (probably because I’m usually a bad liar).  So, of course when I was pulled over, I did the stupid thing and pretty much admitted that I was speeding.  Never again.

2) Arguably, this should’ve been #1, but of course, don’t speed.  An argument might be made to say speeding saves time, which means you take less time to get where you are going, and the probability of getting caught and paying a ticket is less than the actual saved time multiplied by how valuable your time is.  Now for me, the ticket being $305, lets say the probability of getting a ticket is… 25%, since I’ve driven the path four times, got caught once out of the four.  .25 multiplied by $305, gives us $76.  I probably saved an hour, AT MOST, of my time by speeding, so I’d have to think my time is worth more than $76.  Something I probably don’t think.  So, in the future, I’m going to drive much more near speed limit, and avoid being in the left lane except to pass cars.

So, I guess I paid $305 dollars to learn a lesson, and now I must go ahead and get to studying.

Winter time!

One word: Cold!

It was ridiculously cold today, although, yes I know, Natasha is farther up North and it was probably some 10 degrees colder.  But, I do believe this is the coldest its ever been in the 3.5 years I’ve been on the mainland.  I do like how the weather reporter put it: “Frozen Snot” Because, ya know, its normal for your nose to start running when you’re outside, then its so damn cold it just freezes.


It was an awesome game, along with awesome food (Dominos large pizza with unlimited toppings so I got the meat lovers: Pepporini, Ham, Bacon, Fajita Chicken, Sausage).  It was a well spent 3-4 hours of watching the game, cheering on the Indianopolis Colts and just being able to relax and have fun.


Heard from Jenn in Roehampton.  She seems to be enjoying herself, which is great.  Sounds like an awesome place to be, especially to study abroad.  I do envy that she has enough future foresight to plan for such a big trip, but more importantly to save the money up for it.  I tend to just spend most of my paycheck, a habit I have to break if I know what’s good for me….

Speaking of what’s good for me, in my bioethics class today we were talking about Advanced Directives and Durable Power of Attorney, and the need for interpretation of them and of course the basic need to have your wishes written down or at the very least speak and discuss these issues with family and loved ones and those close to you. Essentially: Talk about different worst case scenarios you might find yourself in medically in which you wouldn’t be able to express your choice/autonomy and what you’d like your family members to decide for you in those cases.  The idea is that should you ever fall into such a situation, which, hopefully you won’t, but life is unpredictable, your family will know what you would’ve wanted and there won’t be a huge dispute along the lines of the Terri Schiavo case, etc.  I plan to do this soon, and when appropriate to go ahead and put it down in a legal document (i.e. living will, etc.) and I’d urge others to do it as well.

Random Thoughts

Awesome songs:

The Fray - How to Save a Life

Leroy - Good Time

Finger Eleven - One Thing

Yeah, these are all pretty old songs, but I just recently ‘rediscovered’ them by them being played on Scrubs (awesome show) or hearing them on the radio.

And I think that’s it, till whenever I have time again to write…

Ok, here it goes!

So, I’ve decided to start a blog…again. Hopefully now that its on my own website, I’ll actually keep up with it. First order of business:



These are pictures from when Natasha and I went on a snowboarding trip to Bear Creek. Awesome place and a lot of fun, minus the sore muscles all over.

New York City

These are a little older, from our trip to New York City before we went back to Hawaii. Mainly to see the tree in Rockefeller Center.


And last, but not least, these are pictures from our trip to Texas to visit Lorina. Had a lot of fun and went to a concert!

That’s it for now, I gotta get to studying for my first midterm of the semester. Gah!

- Chase

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